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Video creation services and advertising  videos online has taken the Web by storm. Over the past five years, the rise of social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook have changed the digital advertising landscape. Blogs and video sharing services like YouTube and Vimeo have also added powerful new tools to connect with new customers while engaging with existing customers.

Internetzone I offers a full range of digital marketing services, including the creation of impactful, engaging animated advertising videos. From start to finish, our explainer video creation services are designed to exceed your every expectation. Call us today at (866) 325-1938 or contact us online to learn more about this powerful online advertising service.

Video Creation Process

At Internetzone I, our team of digital marketing professionals put our clients’ needs first. Our goal is to create advertising tools that help our clients connect with customers, bringing in new business and allowing the company to grow.

We use a multi-step process in creating video advertising content for our clients:

  • First, we discuss your needs and expectations. Every company is different, and each client has their own interests, goals, and desires. By taking the time to listen and to understand each client, we are better prepared to create videos that resonate with customers and tell your company’s story.
  • Next, our team of writing experts takes over to create a video script. This script will be used to talk about your products and services. Our writers paint a picture with words, telling viewers about your products, your services, and what makes you stand out from your competitors. Effective videos are less than a minute in length; viewers tend to want company and contact information quickly. We strive to provide scripts that get to the point quickly while showcasing what your company does best.
  • After the client reviews and approves the video script, we create a professional voice-over with the script. We work with talented voice-over artists that help bring the video to life. With the voice-over track completed, we next create the animated explainer video itself. We use the term “explainer video” because the videos quickly explain what your company is all about and what products or services you offer. The videos we create are colorful and fun, offering the information your customers need to make informed purchasing decisions.
  • Of course, we don’t stop there. As some of the industry’s leading search engine optimization (SEO) experts, we apply our extensive knowledge in this field to rank your new video on major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Our unique SEO methods produce quick results. In no time, new customers will find your video at the top of search engine listings, leading to increased website traffic and a boost in your revenue.

With the completed video, you can use it in any way you desire. Add video content to your website or social media profiles. Share your video with followers on YouTube or on your company blog. Advertise on industry directories – the possibilities are limitless!

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Ready to take your digital advertising to the next level? Internetzone I can help. With our video scripting and creation services, you are able to reach customers around the globe 24 hours a day. Online video advertising is the hottest trend in marketing, and these videos are an economical way to make new connections with existing and new customers alike. Call Internetzone I today at (866) 325-1938 for custom-tailored advertising videos that produce results!

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