3 Common SEO Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Ecommerce Website

ecommerce website


When running an Ecommerce website, you will need to do all you can to optimize it for search. In other words, you need to be implementing the best SEO strategies to boost its rankings and enhance its overall performance. Unfortunately, many mistakes can happen along the way, and some can occur because of ignorance and misinformation.  

The best way to avoid a mistake is to know what mistakes happen. With that in mind, here are some common SEO mistakes that can seriously hurt your ecommerce website’s performance.

1. Missing FAQs

It is inevitable that whenever a customer looks for products or services, they will have questions about it. This is where content comes in, where it tries its best to answer the audience’s question with solutions provided by you. Unfortunately, many companies tend to fill pages with text just for the sake of it. This means a lack of useful content that does anything for the user. 

To avoid this problem, always be sure to include helpful content like FAQs on the page. This is especially important when creating a category page, as people will have general questions regarding what it contains. When your users see the answers they are looking for, not only are they more willing to buy from you, but Google rewards you for offering a user-friendly experience. 

2. Too much content 

Many website owners will say that content is king. This is true, as the content is what people are looking for when they go online. However, you should not be copying websites like blogs when creating yours. After all, your website is an ecommerce website, not a blog.

Since your site is serving a different purpose, the content you upload on your website should be different. The bulk of it will be product information and not too much content. If people wanted to read, they would go to a dedicated blog site or something similar. They are on your site to buy things, and speed is the name of the game. In your category pages, ensure that it contains no more than 300 words and make sure it has at least thirty different products. Otherwise, the page will be treated as an article, hurting your SEO efforts.

3. Duplicate content 

This is a common issue with many websites, including ecommerce sites. In the attempt to make plenty of content, many of these contents end up becoming duplicated. This is treated negatively by search engines, meaning that any duplicated content on your website will hurt your rankings and more.

To make sure that your ecommerce site is not plagued by duplicate content, always work on new topics when creating content. If you do need to make similar content, do not copy and paste. Rather, reword it. Do not mistake it as paraphrasing, as you will still need to keep it detailed and valuable without sounding exactly the same as another piece of content. It will take some time and effort to do right, but it will reward you with rising rankings.


There are many other mistakes commonly made in the ecommerce world, such as lack of rich content, creating pages with no purpose, etc. Do not wait to commit these mistakes before learning from them. Rather, look at others and see what mistakes and learn from them. This way, you save the time, money, and hassle not having to fix the errors you have made and more time focusing on boosting your website’s rank and making more money!

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