The Benefits of Animated Videos In Presenting Information

animating video


Animated videos have been around for a very long time. Since our childhood, we were exposed to various educational shows that utilized the many aspects of animation, much so that we can retain all of the important lessons and information presented to us in a child-friendly format.

We were trained at an early age to grasp information through visual cues and colorful elements. That is one of the main reasons why, even as adults, we can absorb all of the corporate information and data presented right before us. 

With all of that being said, there are actually other advantages when it comes to using animation as an efficient form of medium when it comes to explainer videos. The following are just some of the most common examples of their benefits.

People who work in a corporate setting often find it very taxing to sit through a dull presentation. The information in the slides may be crucial for the company’s growth, but if it’s presented in a very plain manner, the audiences may sleep through the whole thing, missing out on many important information and data. 

However, an animated explainer video will not disappoint when it comes to grabbing the attention of your viewers. May it be an office meeting, a product introduction towards your target audience, or a simple reminder for your new staff, the colorful swivel of texts and the supporting video below will always catch the attention of people who are watching it.

There is no dribble, no-nonsense, and no fluff when it comes to explainer videos. They usually summarize the steps and instructions in a very understandable format, much so that your audience may be able to get it in just one sitting. Of course, this will still depend on the type and delivery of the script used for the explainer. Since most of these videos are only limited to a few minutes, chances are, the information in them will be compressed enough to avoid any fillers or unnecessary words.

Audiences will no longer have to see texts or boring pictures on their screens. Animated explainer videos are all about shapes, colors, and simplified visual representations. You can just imagine the impact of pie charts and bullet points once they’re presented within the video. Not only will your audience understand your main point, but they will also remember what the information looks like, a phenomenon that once again takes advantage of visual cues and flashy images.

Some information can’t be delivered solely by visuals; they also rely on sounds. If the explainer video is about a new stereo or gadget that showcases its auditory features, you may also want to include a few clips of it in action. When you combine visuals and sounds in your presentation, your audience may retain more information since various cues are now triggering their memory.


The effectiveness of animated explainer videos can’t be overlooked, especially if they happen to present very important information that your audience must learn in a short span of time. Let your creativity loose, use various sound effects, and incorporate the information concisely in your presentation to create an explainer video unlike any other. Rely on visual cues and watch your audience interpret what you need to say without the fear of any miscommunication or confusion.

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