3 SEO Copywriting Mistakes You Might Be Doing

seo copywriting


Every Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy includes copywriting as one of its key elements. Good, quality content helps businesses rank on search engine results and keeps them apart from a heap of similar sites on the internet. With that said, SEO copywriting must be done right to achieve results. 

While all businesses aim to thrive online and avoid making errors that could contribute to their ineffective digital marketing strategy, many companies do so unconsciously. Here are three of the unconscious mistakes you might be making in your SEO copywriting.


1. Neglecting Search Intent


Before you perform keyword research, first evaluate your search intent. You need to fully understand the search intent behind the keywords you will use to better cater to your customers’ needs. For example, clients may be searching for information, purchasing something, or visiting a specific website. 


Search intent is essential in SEO copywriting because writing copy with a keyword with informational intent and not transactional intent will likely fail to rank. That is because you want to answer your searchers’ needs and take them to where they want to get to. If they don’t find that on your website, they’ll leave immediately. 


To solve that, analyze the SERPs just as you are doing your keyboard research to determine search intent. Then, create content according to your keywords and search intent, and use the right tone, length, text purpose, and call to action.


2. Not Considering User’s Perspective


Always, always write with your user in mind. Think about you going to a website and the content failing to appeal to you as a consumer. That’s what happens when you write from the site owner’s perspective and not with the user. When you begin doing this regularly, you’ll forget about inserting product jargon or whatever you think makes your blog interesting.


To execute this, first, ask yourself what your user wants to be answered. Then, create content that centers on your user and what they want to read, not what you want to write. The most important thing to remember is never to neglect your customer’s perspective when making SEO copy. In addition, prevent yourself from using too much “I” in your copy, and instead focus on using “you.” 


3. Inserting Unreadable Texts


One common mistake in SEO copywriting is creating a hard-to-read copy. If you want your copy to be readable by a general audience, then create copy that appeals to a broad audience. Writing clear, concise, and readable text is essential in SEO copywriting because you want your users to understand you. When you write readable content, your users will spend a long time on your website. 


You can do some ways to ensure your content is readable: First, use simple words and avoid jargon. If you want to appeal to a general audience, forget about difficult words. Second, avoid wordy sentences. In this case, it’s pretty apparent how long, wordy sentences make the text unreadable. 


Lastly, check the flow and structure of your text. Ensure that it is clean and pleasant to read. It may not be at the level of Shakespeare, but at least try.


Final Thoughts

SEO copywriting is a learning curve, especially for beginners. If you want to succeed in making a good copy, the best advice is always to keep your user in mind and make the flow of the text as smooth as possible. Focusing on these things beforehand will help you raise your ranking!

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