What is “Integrated Social Networking”?

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Social networking and communications have their own presence among the people. For proper survival of the human beings, it is important to incorporate them into the essential parts of the daily life. People tend to make a great mistake by overlooking different aspects of social networking due to various reasons, including integrated social networking services.

The main reason is the lack of sufficient time to interact with each other. Sometime before it was not a big issue. But now, due to excessive competition for the survival and with the dream of achieving lots of things within a short period of time, people tend to forget the importance of social interaction.

If we talk about today’s social network, then the online interaction is an important part of it. Some of the features of online interaction include chatting, newsgroups, e-mail listing, peer to peer technologies and instant messaging. It results from the merging of both sociology and technology and known as integrated social networking.

If you make a round of social networking and communications sector and search for the best company then you will find numerous options available in front of you. If you want to make a normal choice then you can go for any options present before you. But if you want to make a choice on which you can proud of for a long period of time, then it is recommended that you consult with The Precise Agency by SRJ, led by Michael Hendrix.

At The Precise Agency, you will find the concept of integrated social networking a little bit broader in contrast to other social networking service providers. One of the reasons why the concept of integrated social networking offered by Michael Hendrix has a wider approach is that it improves brand awareness and differentiation. In addition to it, it provides the opportunities of customer relationship development, essential in today’s marketplace.

The application of social networking is not limited to only this. Michael Hendrix believes in doing continuous research in this field so that the best possible and the most convenient service can be offered. Some of the other features of integrated social networking offered by The Precise Agency include propagation of organization or company news, building influential communication with the target audience, the team member recruitment relating to different professionals of the industry, and more. This is the actual representation of integrated social networking is done by Michael Hendrix.


You simply cannot read such visions from textbooks. These ideas and strategies arise from The Precise Agency. This is the main reason why most of the people believe that both Michael Hendrix and the team at The Precise Agency try to do something different and offer unique services to their clients. This makes both of them unmatched throughout the communications and social networking industry.

It is believed and also proven that when it comes to integrated social networking, The Precise Agency is an all-rounder in itself. The experts at this unique marketing communications agency know how to leverage communities like MySpace, Facebook, Skyrock and Orkut for the purpose of online social networking.

Visual social communities include Flickr, YouTube, Google Video, MySpace TV and Yahoo! Video. The Precise Agency also offers online forums to its clients. These online forums include AOL, AOL Instant messenger, Yahoo! Messenger and Windows Live.

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