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Front end development is a crucial aspect of web development. It involves the creation of user interfaces, layouts, and visual elements. Users interact with these on websites and web applications. Technical skills required for front end web development are essential. Also, the ability to think creatively and design visually appealing websites is just as important.

In this guide, we will explore how you can unleash your creativity and take your front end development skills to the next level. You will discover the tools, techniques, and strategies here. You can create stunning and engaging websites with that. This will capture the attention of your users for sure.


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What Is Front End Web Development?

Front end development is the practice of creating the user interface and user experience of a website or web application. It involves writing code using programming languages. Code helps to design a web page and build visual and interactive elements. The person who works with front end development is called a front end web developer.

What kind of skills do you need to become a front end developer?

Becoming a front end developer might seem like a difficult task, but with practice and hard work, anyone can learn the skills needed to build amazing websites. Here are some of the skills you’ll need to become a front end developer:


HTML is the foundation of web development. It stands for Hypertext Markup Language and is used to structure the content of a web page. It’s like the skeleton of a web page that gives structure to the content.


CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and is used to add style and design to a web page. It’s like the clothes on the skeleton that makes it look attractive and pleasing to the eye.


JavaScript is a programming language. It is used to make web pages interactive. It’s like the brain of a web page that makes it do things like open and close menus or show and hide content.

Design Skills

When you want to become a front end web developer, you should have a creative design sense. Having an eye for design is also an important skill for a front end developer. This includes things like color theory, typography, and layout design. Good design can make a website look more professional and attractive.

Problem-solving skills

This is the most important skill of a front end web developer. As a front end developer, you’ll often encounter problems that need to be solved. Being able to think creatively and logically to solve these problems is an important skill to have.

Collaboration skills

Collaboration skill is very important whether you are a front end developer or a full stack developer. Many front end development projects involve working with a team of designers and developers. Being able to collaborate effectively with others is an important skill for a front end developer.

Tools That Front End Developers Use

Front end developers use some tools. It includes various HTML CSS and Javascript frameworks, libraries, etc. However, below is a list of tools that a front end web developer use:

Text Editor

A text editor is a place where the development process begins. Programmers use it to write codes for generating pure codes. It makes the development process faster. There is a lower possibility of mistakes. So, you can write a great structure for your web pages. Some famous text editors are Atom, Sublime, Visual studio code, etc.

Web Browser

Web browsers are important for testing your codes. Browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox help to see the results of the codes. Also, it ensures that the program can be run on computers, tab, or mobile devices.

CSS frameworks

CSS frameworks help websites to look attractive on any device. Some CSS frameworks include Bootstrap and Foundation. CSS frameworks have pre built code. So that they can use to add things like buttons, menus, and pictures to their website.

Javascript libraries

Javascript is an object oriented programming language. It is used for software development. Javascript also uses in front end development. It makes websites more interactive. Some Javascript libraries include jQuery and React. These are basically server side programming tools. These have pre built codes. So that, it is easy to make attractive websites.

Version control software

Front-end developers use version control software. For example, Git keeps track of changes they make to their website’s code. This helps them work with other developers and keep track of changes they make over time.

Debugging tools

Debugging tools help front-end developers find and fix mistakes in their website’s code. These tools allow them to test different parts of their website and make changes to it in real time.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a front end developer?

The main responsibilities of front-end developers are to make websites visually attractive and smooth. Here are some things that they do:

Design websites

A front-end developer works with the user interface and user experience. They make websites visually eye soothing. They must have a good design sense and design elements.

Write Codes

The next responsibility of a front-end developer is to write codes. There are various text editors available to get help. A front-end developer must have the basics of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Using those languages, one can make a structure.


Front end developer working

Front end developers working on a project.

Collaborate with other developers

As a front end developer, one has to collaborate with others. There may be other members like a graphic designer, a back-end developer, and others. They have to contact them to keep the process running.

Test Websites

When finished writing code, one should test it via web browsers. There are some web browsers like google chrome, safari, and firefox. A web browser can help to test and find the problems of your coding.

Stay up to date

A front end developer should be up to date. It is very much needed to run programming. You can get to know about the latest trends by reading articles, and attending seminars and webinars.

Average Salary of front end developers

According to glassdoor, a front-end developer can expect an average annual salary of $86000. This salary includes some other pay like profit sharing, bonus, etc. The salary can increase or decrease depending on your location and experience. However, this annual salary is for the US.

You will get more money if you live in a larger city like New York. Living in a small city can be a reason to decrease your salary. The company or organization you are working for is another factor. If the size of the company is large, then you can expect a great salary.

If you have great experience in front-end development, you can expect a good salary. Working with the basics can not help you to get a job with a high salary. So, experience is important. The more you solve the problems, the more you can get experience. The salary of a full-stack web developer is higher than a front or back-end developer.

How to become a front-end web developer?

Learning front-end web development and becoming a front-end developer is a long process. You can make it short if you have determination. To become an expert front-end developer, you should follow some steps. Here are some steps from where you can get ideas.

Learn the basics of coding

To start the journey, you must have knowledge of the basics of coding. You have to work with different programming languages. That includes HTML, CSS, and Javascript. You can learn it online. There are many resources available here. Get an online course or join a bootcamp if you want to learn in a short time.

Get to know the frameworks

You should know about various frameworks. Some frameworks that are used for frontend development are Angular, Bootstrap, jQuery, etc. Having deep knowledge will take you a step ahead.

Practice continuously using tools

The main condition to be successful is to practice continuously. There is a saying “practice makes a man perfect.” The more you practice, the more you learn. You will find problems when you practice them. So there are no alternatives to practicing. There are some tools you can use. The version control tools will help you to get up to date with the latest version of programming.

Build a portfolio

A portfolio is a collection of websites you’ve created. It’s a great way to show potential employers what you can do. Build a few websites and include them in your portfolio.

Get a degree or certification

This is not mandatory to get a certificate to become a front-end developer. If you have a certificate, it will help you to stand out to employers. Consider getting a degree in computer science or a related field.

Get some workplace skills

You need to have some workplace skills before you join a job or internship. Workplace skills include the ability to teamwork, having great design sense, communication skills, and problem-solving skills.


UI UX designers working for front end developers

UX designer designing responsive web pages for front-end developers.

Look for jobs and internships

There are many jobs and internships in front end development available. Once, you have a portfolio and experience, start finding jobs. A job will give you a different experience.


The Pros And Cons Of Learning Front End Development

Building a career in front end development is great. There are some advantages and disadvantages of front end development like others. These are:






Having a great understanding of different programming languages and tools can make you a top-rated front-end developer. You need to have good design sense as it is the job of a front-end developer to make a website look good. A front-end developer can build attractive websites and apps.

It is easy to learn front-end development. Just need dedication and practice. You can join any short course if you want to learn fast. Overall, you need to know the different languages and tools to become a front end developer.