Web Development in Python – A Complete Guide in 2023

web development in python


Are you interested Web Development in Python. Python is a widely popular and versatile programming language. It has some powerful frameworks. Django, Flask, Pyramid, etc are some of them. Python is famous for its ease of use. With powerful frameworks, developers can easily create websites or build web applications. From simple blogs to complex websites, everything is possible with it. Python is used in e commerce and other business websites.
Python is flexible and simple. It has the ability to handle server side scripting and client scripting. It also can manage databases. Python is a favorite to all kinds and levels of developers. They can use this to build powerful web applications.


web development in python

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Talking to its frameworks, Django is more popular. It is flexible and easy to use. The security features and scalability makes it popular. Django provides an ORM(Object Oriented Mapping) system. It enables a Built in admin interface in web applications.

Python will allow you to build powerful web applications. Web developers like it for its wide tools and libraries. Python has a large community. You can ask your questions there. You can also use various plugins and libraries there.

What Is Python?

Python is a popular high level programming language. It is known for its simplicity, readability, and ease of use. It was first released in 1991. From then, it becomes one of the most popular programming languages. Python is an interpreted language. That means code is executed line by line rather than being compiled before running. This makes Python code easier to write and test. The developers can see the outcome of their codes without waiting.

One of the key features of Python is its extensive standard library. That provides a wide range of tools and functionality for developers. This includes libraries for working with data, networking, web development, and more. There are also numerous third party libraries available for Python. That increases its capabilities.

Python is used in a wide range of applications. That includes web dev, data analysis, scientific computing, machine learning, and more. It has a large and active community of developers. Python contributes to the language’s development. It also contributes to creating tools and libraries for others to use. Python is a well suited language for a wide range of tasks.

Is Python Good For Web Development?

Python is a great choice for web development. It has various frameworks that help you build web apps and develop websites. Many popular big companies websites like Google, Facebook, and Yandex rely on python. There are some applications that use python for development. For example, youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

According to StackOverflow, python is the second most demanded programming language. That means, web programmers want to learn this language. Get to know how you can make python web applications to speed up for better performance.

How Can We Use Python For Web Development?

There are many python frameworks in web development. This can use to build a website. These frameworks provide tools and libraries. Developers can use these for web application development. Below are some steps for using python web development:

Choose A Web Framework

The first step is choosing a python framework. Python offers many frameworks. These are Django, Flask, Pyramid, and CherryPy. Each framework has its own strengths and weaknesses. Choose one that meets your needs. 

Set Up A Development Environment

You need to set up a development environment. After choosing the python framework, you should do that. It involves installing the framework. Also, you have to install a database and web server.

Create the application

Next, you’ll create the application itself. That includes defining the URL routes and setting up templates for rendering HTML.


Young asian kid doing programming with python

Young Asian kids boy using computer laptop coding.

Work with databases

The database is required to store and retrieve data. Python web frameworks provide an object rational mapping system. That makes it easy to work with the database.

Add user authentication and security

It’s important to implement user proof and security measures. That will ensure the protection of your website and web applications. Most web frameworks provide built in proof systems. You can use a third-party library to add this functionality.

Test and deploy the application

You need to run and test your application and website. It ensures that your application is working properly. If the program is not running, they will find the problems and solve them.

Things That Make Python Suitable For Web Development

There are some advantages of web development in Python. A web developer should learn this language for its characteristics. Below are some advantages that make developing web applications in python suitable.

Reach Ecosystem

This is a key factor that makes python suitable for web development. It has rich libraries and tools. That makes the process easier. These tools will allow you to access much pre-written code. For example, you have access to Numpy and Pandas for mechanical analysis. Python has various frameworks too. That includes Django, Pyramid, Flask, etc.

Cross-platform compatibility

Python code can be run on many different platforms. That includes Windows, Mac, and Linux. This makes it easy to develop. It also deploys web applications on a wide range of systems. That can be useful for large and complex projects.

Easy Learning Process

Python is known for its simplicity and ease of use. That makes the language popular with beginners. Python has a clean and readable syntax. It is easy to understand. People with little programming experience can learn this. This thing makes it great for a new web developer. It is popular among professional web programmers too.

Faster Development Process

Python takes less time to build websites. If you compare it with other coding languages, you will find the differences. This faster process can give you an advantage in capturing the market. By this, you can bring life to your ideas faster.

Python has frameworks like Django. It has some tools and libraries. You can do some basic work using that tools. For example, proof, database integration, and URL routing.

Widely Popular

Python is a widely popular language. It is used by developers across many industries and applications. That includes web development. In fact, python is continuously ranked as a popular programming language.


code on computer screens while using python

Python codes seem easy and more organized than other programming languages.


One reason for Python’s popularity is its versatility. Python can be used for a wide range of applications. That includes web development, data analysis, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and more.

Python has a popularity for its wide community. The Python community is known for its inclusivity and support. That makes it a welcoming environment for developers of all levels. The community has created a wealth of resources, tools, and libraries. That can be used to speed up the development process. It makes web development more accessible to new developers.

Frameworks For Web Development In Python

A web framework is a collection of pre-built components and tools. That helps developers build web applications more quickly and easily. A web framework generally provides a standard way to handle common tasks. That includes routing, request and response handling, database integration, and user proof. This framework has libraries. One can easily access the library and use the data that one needs. This makes the process faster than other programming languages. The best python frameworks in 2023 will help you to identify the top frameworks that may help you to create a smooth website.

Some Popular Python Web Frameworks

There are some web frameworks in python web development. These frameworks have their own tools and libraries. Below is a short discussion on that:


Django is a popular python web development framework. It is used to build complex, data driven web applications. It is a high level framework. Django provides developers with pre-built components and tools. They can do some common work with that. Some common tasks include user proof and directory integration. One of the key strengths of Django is its emphasis on clean, reusable code.

Django uses Model View Template. This architecture separates the data model, user interface, and application logic. That makes it easier to maintain. Django also has a built in Object-Relational Mapper (ORM). That provides an easy way to work with databases. Web developers do not have to write raw code. That can save time and effort for a web developer. The ORM also supports multiple databases. That is helpful for making complex web apps.

Another strength of Django is its rich ecosystem. It has third-party libraries and extensions. The Django community has created a wide range of tools and plugins. That can be easily integrated into Django applications. It can help speed up development. Also, it can add functionality to web apps.


Flask is a lightweight and flexible web framework for Python. Web developers consider Flask as a micro-framework. It is used to build a python web application with minimal code. Flask does not require a specific directory structure. It also does not need any ORM or database abstraction layer. That makes it easy for developers to get started. It helps to customize the framework to suit their specific needs.

One of the key strengths of Flask is its simplicity. It provides a minimalistic core. It can be extended with various libraries and plugins. Giving freedom to the developer is Flask’s design philosophy. Developers have the freedom to choose the tools that suites their needs.

It has a built in development server and debugger. It is another strength of Flask. That makes it easy to test and debug Flask applications during development. This helps speed up the development process. It ensures that developers can easily find and fix bugs. Like Django, Flask also has a wide range of communities. It creates new libraries consistently. That is very helpful to the developers.

Why Django Is The Perfect Frameworks For Websites?

Django is a powerful Python programming language. It has increasing popularity. It is a high-level framework. Django allows developers to create websites and applications quickly. Website developers can build both simple and complex web pages using Django. It is a simple and flexible web framework. The scalability makes it perfect for building web pages. Below is the reason:

Easy To Learn And Use

Django is very easy to learn and use. Developers of all skills and levels can use it. The framework comes with transparent and comprehensive documentation. It has wealth and resources. It also has tutorials that make it easy for users. Django emphasizes on DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) principle. That encourages developers to use reusable codes. This is an ideal choice for building complex web pages.


computer monitors with programing python

Computer monitors with python program


You need to work with a directory if you build a dynamic website. You have to learn database management in that case. SQL is the most widely used database language. There are some popular directories. That includes MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite. Both Django and Flask come with a built in ORM system. It helps you to interact with the directory.

Phase 5: Deployment

You need to deploy your website to a server. So that, users can access it. You need to have a hosting first. There are many cloud hosting providers worldwide. They can help you deploy your website easily and quickly.

Python Community For Web Development

Python has a large community worldwide. Its popularity is increasing day by day. The python community has developed a wide range of frameworks and tools. Developers can use those tools and frameworks in web development.

As we mentioned, Django is a popular web framework. It is easy to use in website development. The other frameworks include Flask, Pyramid, and others. The python web framework has an ORM system. The ORM system works with the directory. Django works with Object Oriented Programming. It also has database connectivity, security, and more. Python community has developed many plugins. It extends the functionality of those frameworks.

Community events are another benefit of the python community. The community arranges numerous events worldwide. It provides the opportunity to meet and share experiences. PyCon is the largest annual conference for python developers. There are some regional python developers groups. They arrange meetings and share their experience.

Python community is well known for its open-source projects. There are many open-source projects available. A python developer can access platforms like GitHub. By doing this, they can share their experience. They can contribute to the community and show their skills.

In the community, there are many resources available. That includes lessons. A new web developer can easily learn from the lessons. That will make them advance. When facing problems, developers can share this with the community. They can submit bug reports, and write documentation. This way, they can contribute to the community.

Libraries For Python In Web Development

There are many libraries in python web development. Python libraries give you the opportunity to use many tools and resources. These libraries are helpful to both new and pro developers. Some python libraries are:


Requests is a python library. It sends HTTP requests and handles responses. It makes the HTTP request process simple. The library allows developers to interact with web APIs easily.


Scrapy is a web crawler. It extracts data from a web application. Scrapy is a widely used library. It is used for data mining, scraping, and more.


Pandas generally operate and analyze data. It is a python library that works with structured data. It is essential when you need to use a lot of data.


NumPy works with binary data. It provides a lot of functions. That functions work with data calculation. That includes linear algebra, Fourier analysis, and many more.

How To Become A Developer In Python

In recent years, a large number of people have been learning python. Learning Python is easy. It has some frameworks that can help you. Also, it has large libraries. You can use tools and lessons from that libraries. Python generally uses in the development of web and data analysis. Showcasing your portfolio can help you to get a job. There are many portfolio ideas for web developer in Python. However, if you want to learn the advance of python, you need to follow some steps. These are:

Research on Python

You need to research python before getting in. Learn the basics of various frameworks. Find out what you will do with python. Then start learning.

Use necessary tools

You can download various tools from libraries. It will take you a step ahead. Just download and install the tools you need.


Man on python programming

A man is writing python script on a scriptwriter.


Watch Tutorials

You can watch lessons online to learn python. There are many courses that provide python learning. You can also use python libraries to watch lessons. This is a helpful asset for new website developers.

Get online support

There are many groups that provide online support. GitHub is one of the largest groups. You can ask any question regarding your problem here. You will find many experts here.

Take a Bootcamp

Many web development bootcamps provide python learning courses. You can join one to learn easily and quickly.


Python is a popular name in the web development industry. Many individuals are trying to learn python to build their careers. If you have a passion for python, you can learn it. Python uses frameworks like Django and others. The frameworks have large libraries. That can help you to build large and complex websites.

You need to have a clear knowledge of the basics of programming. Python is one of the in demand programming languages. I hope, this article will help you to start with python.