What You Should Do for Your Google My Business Page (Part 2)

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Google My Business provides business owners with an additional platform to display their business listing. It also allows customers to connect with your uniquely made listing and see the legitimacy of the product or service they’re eyeing to get. 

In the first part of this series, we tackled how to start your Google My Business listing. Although adding the essential information to the listing will help potential clients, there are extra steps you can take to make your business listing better.

Here, we will discuss how you can fully optimize your Google My Business and what measures you can take to stand out from your competitor’s listings. 

Display Your Working Hours

Some people often gloss this section and decide to skip it, but it’s helpful to include your business’ working hours in the listing. It sets boundaries about when you’re going to be out and unable to reply to any potential inquiries that will come through to your business, as well as the time that you’re able to get back to them. 

This is especially helpful if you’re still short-staffed and have difficulty getting back to people and their questions, as well as the holiday seasons. If you’re going to take a week of leave in December to enjoy time with your family, your Google My Business listing is one good way to notify customers about your absence besides social media. 

Include Proper Visuals 

Text can seem a little too heavy on the eyes, so adding photographs relevant to your business can help clients consume your listing a little easier. You can consider adding pictures of your logo, your office, and the products that you offer. If you are a business offering its services, you can take pictures of your work for different clients. 

Google also provides insight into how business listings with photos can get more clicks in terms of driving directions and accessing more information than listings without them. You can even have past clients add their own images related to your business. 

Allow Customer Feedback 

Google My Business gives customers the ability to review your business and share their own experiences with your band. Although it may seem like a daunting feature to allow, potential clients will be more inclined to purchase if they see positive reviews on your business.

Using your account, you can also interact with a customer and thank them for their kind words. If you do get a negative review, respond accordingly to provide future clients with an impression about how you deal with criticism.

Navigate and Make Changes

If you find a particular element that you want to add or change to your business listing, don’t waste time doing so. It’s essential to keep our business page up-to-date, so you don’t confuse any viewers who read up on the information on Google.

Google My Business is accessible through a mobile app if you can’t get to your laptop immediately. You can also use the page analytics on there as a basis for which posts are garnering more attention and the number of click-throughs you’ve been receiving from people.


To sum it up, keep your page interesting with pictures and new relevant information. Google My Business is a recommended tool and platform to showcase your business and connect with past or future clients. 

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