What You Should Do for Your Google My Business Page (Part 1)

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Startups and small businesses can find many tools online that can help make their brand more visible to potential customers. We do have to consider different ways to approach digital marketing for each industry and nature of business. However, one of the fundamentals would probably be a Google My Business page.

A Google My Business Page is an online tool that helps internet users search for your business easier through the browser. This business listing can help boost your local SEO and share the necessary information a customer would need if they want to buy a product or service from you. 

In this two-part series, we are going to discuss the steps you can take with your business listing on the most prominent search engines of our time. Keep reading to know what you should initially do.

Claim a Page and Add Basics

You may want to create a Google Account that you will use for business purposes and access the Google My Business page. Business owners can use a personal email address, but it can get a little confusing when you log in or out, so it’s recommended that you have a separate one.

With your business email address logged in, you’re going to want to head to business. Press the ‘start now’ button to claim the page and enter basic information. You’ll be asked for your business name, business address, business category, contact details, and website.

While filling out these forms, you will also need to specify whether you offer your services by going to the home of a client or whether you deliver them online. There are certain services, such as plumbing, that would require you to enter a delivery area so that customers will know what your service area is and so that Google can take it into account in the algorithm. 

Undergo Verification

After claiming a Google My Business page and entering the basic information needed, you’ll be asked to go through verification steps. This ensures that your business listing is legitimate and will prevent it from getting deleted while boosting the visibility of your listing.

There are several ways for businesses to verify their listing. The easiest option that takes just a few clicks is through email. You can also try using your phone to verify the listing through a call or a text message.

Creating Your Posts

Once you’re through verification, it may be time to create your first post on Google My Business! There are tons of resources available that will allow you to share in-depth information about your products and services. 

In the future, you’ll also be able to utilize the Google My Business feature by sharing offers and events to reel in more clients. You can also use this as an avenue to improve your SEO by including keywords and phrases related to your business. 


We all have to start somewhere, and these tips will help give you a headstart in creating a Google My Business page. Head on over to part two to learn how to improve and optimize your business listing. 

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