Resolving GMB Listing Suspensions: A Guide for Store Owners

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Many store owners like you may already know that having an online presence on reputable platforms, especially Google My Business (GMB), is vital to your success. On GMB, your customers can visit your customer reviews, get directions to your premises, and even call you easily. Unfortunately, your listing can be suspended, and you may often be clueless why it happens. 

Additionally, you may be left dumbfounded on what you can do apart from reaching out to Google since they take a long time to reply and address the issue. To ensure you know what to do, use this article as your guide to capitalizing on this valuable online resource. 

What Are the Common Mistakes Most Storeowners Make Leading to Their GMB Listing Suspension? 

Remember, your GMB listing should be accurate and trustworthy. If it’s not, then the Google algorithms can penalize your profile and revoke your active status. As a result, you miss out on thousands of leads for your store, affecting your lead generation, customer engagement, and sales growth. Therefore, see to it that you avoid the following common mistakes most store owners and their staff make: 

If you feel that you were wrongfully revoked on your GMB listing because of a mistake from Google’s end, you can either contact them directly or get in touch with a GMB reinstatement service. 

What Are the Possible Ways to Correct My GMB Listing? 

Before you reach out to Google’s GMB support, you should first take action to fix your listing to comply with their terms and conditions. Refer to the following tips: 


Working on your GMB reinstatement can be difficult, especially if you got your listing suspended for violating certain terms. Fortunately, you now have a better chance of getting it back as you assess the possible root causes and ways to address them. Meanwhile, if you know this aspect of your business’s presence is vital to sustaining your lead generation, consider approaching the experts, like our team, for assistance. 

We at Internetzone I can offer you reliable GMB reinstatement services and business reputation management solutions to widen your online reach for prospective customers. By identifying your unique niche, you and your team can work towards providing the best customer experience, enabling your business to easily compete and scale further. Get a quote today to have a better understanding of our possible interventions for your situation!