Bad SEO vs. Good SEO: Understanding the Factors

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Search engine optimization is a valuable tool that can either make or break a company. It has all the advantages that may cause a venture to stand out from the rest and excel in its sales over time. On the other hand, it also can bury a company further to the ground, especially if the SEO content and execution is wrong and lacking, often backed by inexperience and lack of planning.

If you happen to be a business owner and are aiming to boost your online presence through SEO, chances are, you are hoping to avoid many of the wrong SEO executions while doing most of the things that made formidable industries into what they are today.

To help you get started, we’ve listed down the factors that may help you segregate the two and focus on the right path towards your venture’s success.

1. Poor vs. High-Quality References

One of the main things that may raise your website’s ranking is effective backlinks. While they are mostly done to guide your leads towards your products and services, they may also be used to reference information indicated within the preliminary website or forum. Google has a way of detecting whether or not you were able to link towards a trustworthy website.

If the reference that you’ve provided is well-researched and legitimate, then your rank is in no danger at all. However, suppose the reference links towards a site that is plagued with mistakes and fake information. In that case, there is a tendency for your website and its rankings to be penalized.

2. Padded vs. Comprehensive Articles

Have you ever experienced lengthening your articles just to have them reach a specific word count? The thing about padded articles is that they tend to turn away your target audience, especially if they see nothing of substance within it. People want to be helped, and if you’re just going to waste their time with fillers, you will lose their trust in the long run. This is far from comprehensive articles, which may look padded at first glance, yet are rich with helpful information and thought-provoking solutions.

Focus on the latter method and give your target audience what they need. Aside from the fact that this will attract the good graces of your leads, this will also spread the word about how your brand provides responsible promotion and marketing. Get the help of SEO writing services if you must, just to maintain the quality of your written content online.

3. Overused vs. Updated Content

While the concept of recycling trash has consistently generated positive reactions, the same can’t be said about recycling online content. Yes, it may be good to bring back old topics every once in a while, especially if it is timely and trending with the current times. However, once it is overused, your target audience will notice the lack of updates and creativity within your website, causing them to turn away and find much better sources online.

Be sure to update your content and deliver something new regularly. SEO is all about helping the audience find something that can lead them to purchase from you. If they cannot find what they need, they will be compelled to look for alternative brands to meet their demands.


Bad SEO has always been about lacking creativity, originality, proper research, and helpful information. By avoiding the different methods that may deliver these bad results, you may turn towards good SEO practices to attract more leads and paying customers to your website.

Knowing the difference between bad and good SEO is just a matter of knowing what your target audiences want. If you are up to the challenge, you may very well provide all they need without committing the mistake of posting content that is detrimental to your brand. Stick to good SEO practices!

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