Safeguard Your SEO Efforts Against Zero-Click Searches

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Google searches have been developed to help people find what they are looking for immediately. These searches are meant to satisfy the search intent with as few clicks as possible. This has evolved into what is known as “zero-click” searches. 

Zero-click searches, also known as no-click searches, are those that don’t send the person searching to a third party website. Around 50% of current searches end without a click to an organic search result. These results often affect a company’s SEO efforts because for SEO to be appropriately measured, the number of clicks have to be counted. 

If you are a marketer working on trying to better your SEO strategy, it is a must that you safeguard these efforts against zero-click searches. This blog post will shed some light on how to get about doing this. 

Safeguard Your SEO Efforts Against Zero-Click Searches

While this type of search result may be extremely efficient for website visitors, the same may not be said for SEO and digital marketing professionals. However, before anything else, it is crucial that we understand what zero-click searches are in the first place.

What Are Zero-Click Searches Used for Anyway?

The purpose of zero-click searches is to further the convenience of search results. For the customer who is trying to look for contact information for a specific company or business, many times, the information will be readily available in the search results without them having to click on your website. If you have not already, at this point, you may be beginning to understand how this feature may be counterproductive for your SEO.

Possible Workarounds

Here are three possible ways for you to be able to get value out of zero-click searches. 

1 – Use PPC Data

You may be able to use PPC data to determine how much top-of-page positioning keywords cost. This value for PPC may be used in organic brand positioning in the zero-click landscape. 

2 – Monitor Voice-In Searches

You should not disregard voice-in searches in this situation. This type of search is often used by people who are using their mobile devices. It is the prefered search method because of its speed, ease, and convenience. A share of voice metrics may be assigned to placements on the web. This attribution may be scaled when trying to measure results for zero-click results for a specific website. 

3 – Look into Stakeholder Attribution

It is also important to monitor stakeholder attribution. There may be instances where the stakeholders may assign attribution values that may have the internal corporate value that may not necessarily align with direct value reporting. 

Keeping track of these possible workarounds will help SEO professionals have a better idea of the data behind zero-search results. 


While it may seem impossible at first, there are ways to get value from zero-clock searches and optimize them for your SEO efforts. Also, if you still have trouble getting your SEO where it needs to be, working with a skilled SEO team will help you get past this hurdle and improve your optimization strategies.

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