How To Thrive in the Era of ‘Zero Click’ Searches: SEO Tips

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Google’s browser-based searches are dominated by no-click or zero-click searches. True, approximately half of all Google searches do not result in a click! 

So is this the end of organic traffic? Certainly not! We view it as an opportunity for marketers to use cutting-edge SEO and content tactics to boost their online visibility and authority.

What Will Zero Click Searches Look Like in 2021?

Zero click searches are searches that result in no clicks from the search results page because Google provides answers on the search results page itself in the form of a Featured Snippet, eliminating the need to go through a website or landing page to get what you’re searching for.

So how can one compete in such an environment? The good news is that a lack of clicks does not imply a lack of opportunities.

Let’s look at how you can leverage zero-click searches to benefit your business.

1. Optimize Your Site for Google’s Platforms

Because Google is driving traffic to its sites, make sure to optimize your content on Google platforms. Regardless of zero-click searches, this is something you should be doing for your business. It has the potential to make a significant difference.

Ensure that your firm is set up on Google My Business. This means optimizing it with as much information as possible, using high-quality images and videos so that you appear on Google Images as well as videos. Check out our step-by-step guide on configuring GMB here.

2. Prioritize a High Clicks-Per-Search (CPS) Rate During Keyword Research

If you work in SEO, you’re probably aware of the data points keyword tools use to help you identify valuable phrases or search terms, such as search traffic and where your sites presently rank for those terms.

However, in an increasingly zero-click SERP world, there is one commonly overlooked measure that might force you to reconsider your whole strategy. This is referred to as CPS or clicks-per-search.

CPS data is especially relevant in the context of zero-click since it considers the rate of traffic these keywords receive from people reaching your website via SERPs rather than simply how many people are searching for the term itself. If your pages rank highly but have a low CPS, it’s time to re-optimize your content for relevant keywords that have a higher CPS rate.

3. Make Use of Schema Markups

Schema markup helps you to arrange your data so that Google can retrieve it and show it in the SERPs with additional context. It’s one of those nice-to-haves in your SEO service package. 

When paired with your customized GMB profile, you provide comprehensive information about your business to search engines and users, which may increase clicks and conversions.

But it does not stop there. In the “People Also Ask” box, your marked-up data may be retrieved, ranked, and presented.

Optimize your website’s content so that it may be used with featured snippets. While you shouldn’t place all of your expectations in obtaining a top-level position on the SERPs, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tweak your technique for better results.

Make a list. In-depth research, industry expertise, and subjects related to your brand, goal, and vision of whatever your company specializes in. As a bonus: look at examples of featured snippets to see how they’re structured or written.


The zero-click revolution heralds the emergence of modern marketing strategies. As business owners, we need to be always on our toes to survive and thrive in the rapidly changing digital world. A digital marketing service can help you with that. 

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