5 Ways You Can Manage Your Online Reputation Successfully

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An unsatisfied customer will eventually turn up. It’s inevitable, considering there’s never a perfect business system, and the occasional ‘oopsie’ always comes around. Since a negative review or feedback can reach millions of people in a matter of minutes, businesses must have an online reputation management strategy in place. 

While a replacement or a phone call easily handles some customer complaints, other grievances are too fragile and would need the delicate touch of an expert to defuse. How exactly can small businesses equip themselves against the inevitable? And when is it right to hire outside help? We’ll tackle all these questions below. Keep reading to find out!

1. Encourage Customers to Participate in Decision-Making

Engaging with your consumers may help you build customer loyalty and manage your company’s reputation. It might be advantageous to involve them in company choices.

You may accomplish this by asking them casual questions and asking them to participate in a customer survey to share their thoughts and ideas. It is a way that will also aid in the generation of goodwill.

2. Get a Social Media Manager Onboard

It can be pretty difficult for a non-professional to handle things. It would help if you searched for an expert who regularly checks your main review sites and other essential platforms. There will be a lot to maintain, from monitoring the most active review sites every day to managing your company’s social media profiles setting up Google alerts. By getting a social media manager to handle your accounts, reputation included, you remove a massive block of stress and help your business save more in terms of social media “faux- pax” in the future.

3. Produce Quality Work and Receive Positive Feedback

If you try to produce outstanding work, you increase your chances of receiving good evaluations, which will raise your online reputation. In this world of business that craves consumer approval, reviews are the rule of the day. Customers would happily provide a helpful review if they receive high-quality goods or services and have a fantastic experience.

You may use reputation management software to assist you in incorporating these elements into your product or service offering. Your customers’ reviews will help you gain popularity, improve your SEO rankings, and persuade potential consumers to do business with you.

4. Don’t Even Try Fake Reviews

One of the most counterintuitive things you can do is to go down the fake-review road. While this move has the potential to spice up your engagement in the short term, you’ll lose everything in a split second when customers or the platform catches you. 

People are wiser today, and they can usually sniff a fluffed-up review from a mile away. You’d also do yourself a favor by not spam-posting your good reviews all over your social media platforms, as it might cut into your credibility and affect your visibility.

5. Produce Consistently On-Brand Content

Beyond the visual aspect, which is crucial in itself, the content and copy you post on your social media captions, posts, etc., need to follow specific guidelines to ensure a seamless messaging and brand voice. This helps foster a sense of familiarity with your audience. Once they know your brand and what to expect out of it, you can expect a higher quality of brand loyalty and subscription.

The information that your clients come across while searching for your brand will heavily influence their opinion. So, by implementing a good ORM approach, you can portray yourself in the way you want to be perceived.


Online reputation management is just a reflection of this new “bottom-up” communication in which your present and future consumers may express themselves about your company. As a result, ORM is a vital component of any business, marketing, and growth plan for any firm (including those that aren’t yet online). 

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