How to Come Up With Unique Blog Ideas Quickly & Effectively

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So, you’ve started your blog, and you’re over the moon to see that the articles are starting to gain views and reads. However, as days go by, you look at the list of articles and topics you prepared, but you are hesitant if they are worth being published. 

What you need are inspiration, knowledge of new trends, and a list of topics that will interest your audience. If you seem to be lost and your focus is nowhere to be found, these tips will help you quickly generate ideas for your blog:

Do brainstorming

Some bloggers mainly base their topic ideas on the keywords they’ve compiled. However, you should also spend some hours brainstorming. Collect interesting topics that are trending, relevant, and will provide value to the readers. Not everything you think is good will be enticing to your target audience. You can have a conversation with your team and list down some ideas on your own. 

Browse social media platforms

It will be helpful to know what people are talking about. Check also what they are posting, liking, and following on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, Pinterest, and TikTok. You can also take advantage of the power of hashtags. The more people use specific hashtags, the more they are interested in the content relevant to specific hashtags.

Another more effective strategy is to check the posts of industry leaders. Look for the popular companies and influencers and see what types of posts they are publishing. This will aid you in coming up with ideas and become inspired to create blog posts out of them.

Read the comments on your blog posts

Listen to what your readers are saying. Some of your readers may request some topics that they would love to see. Also, check the comments and responses on your social media posts. Always make sure to provide valuable content to your audience.

Ask for suggestions from your team

If you’re working with other team members, it’s essential to ask for their suggestions, too. They may give you some interesting ideas, and the content may turn out into one of your most-read blog posts. Conduct meetings and allow them to contribute their ideas.

 Search for new and long-tail keywords

Keywords are essential elements that can help you generate blog ideas. Don’t stick with one or two keywords only. Try other relevant keywords; you can opt for finding long-tail keywords that have high searches.

Don’t worry about performing keyword research because various user-friendly tools can help you. Some examples are Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, SemRush, and Google Keyword Planner.

Check on your competitors

Perform a competitor’s analysis to know what types of content they are publishing. Of course, you should not copy the entire blog format, but you can get ideas and improve your content strategy.

Utilize a tool to generate blog ideas

There are blog idea generators that can be used. An example is HubSpot which is easy to use because of its user-friendly dashboard. You will need to enter some keywords, and the tool will generate content ideas.


Let’s admit it. Generating blog ideas can be challenging. It is not just about writing about a topic in your mind. You have to consider some factors to make sure that the topic will be interesting and can be turned into valuable content. Once you have a list of interesting topics ready for publishing, but you don’t have the time to write them, why not work with a talented content writer? 

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