4 Web Design Trends Dominating 2021

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Web design often reflects the social events happening around us, going from flashy GIFS back when the internet was a novelty to the rise of minimalism when websites were becoming the norm, heavily stylized in recent years as businesses strive to stand out from the saturated digital sphere. 

Updating your website’s look not only ensures you can stay competitive in a fast-paced landscape but also promotes a better browsing experience altogether for your audience. Here are some web design trends that are making the digital world more dynamic than ever: 

Trending #1: Parallax Animation 

Web design could only produce flat illustrations and graphics a few years back, but now designers have the technology to breathe life into their designs beyond experimenting with gradients. 

Design elements now move to create a parallax animation, a form of optical illusion that gives depth to images by separating the foreground and background. The moving parts look like watching passing scenery while driving, promoting a robust and immersive design that pushes the user’s experience to greater heights. 

Trending #2: Neumorphism 

Even the boldest designs would fall flat in the digital era, but it’s now possible to integrate tactile elements into your website as neumorphism sweeps the virtual tide. Turning flat iconic into 3D objects, neumorphism creates digital embossing or debossing to give borings icons, search bars, and text boxes an electric makeover. 

Trending #3: Abstract Art

Adding shapes and abstract squiggles to a website is nothing new, but 2021 puts a twist on the straightforward elements by creating a mish-mash design to represent creative freedom. You’ll see a hodgepodge of blobs, triangles, circles, rectangles, and parallel lines everywhere, but they never look the same as designers found a way to produce unique and fun compositions. 

Trending #4: Interactive Scrolling 

Web designers know that easy navigation is a critical feature that every successful website needs, especially since it plays a role in the user experience. But instead of simplifying the buyer’s journey when exploring your website, web designers found a way to make scrolling a fun, informational, and interactive experience! 

Every movement causes a response on the screen, and the engaging activity makes it easier to pique your viewers’ interest since it demands their participation. 

The Bottom Line: Web Design Trends Ruling 2021 and Beyond 

2021 is the year of recovering from the pandemic and integrating technological advancements once the topic of science fiction way back, paving the way for AI-powered designs and immersive experiences. 

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