2 Awesome Ways to Find Keywords in 2018

finding keywords online using unique sources


Struggling to find keywords in 2018?

Finding the best-untapped keywords can often be like finding a needle in a haystack.  Some common questions people have when deciding which keywords to use in their organic content are:

There are traditional means to find keywords such as using online research tools like SEMrush, Moz, and  Unfortunately, these tools (plus many others) are known to other SEO’s and therefore, unique keywords are often not found.  

Why are unique keywords so important?  If you are going to use the same keywords as all of the other sites, your page will remain at the same place as before you included those common keywords with no improvement in ranking.  However, if your page contains keywords that are not known to the commonly used keyword tools, you gain a tremendous advantage over the competition. Especially when there are those out there using semantic keywords in their search.

So how do I find those unique keywords?  There are two techniques that are not often used by most SEO’s, but that produce unique keywords that actually work.  


Known as “The Front Page of the Internet,” Reddit brings together millions of users daily who are discussing every topic under the sun.  Utilizing their questions and conversations can be a fantastic way to find untapped keywords.  

Keyword example of a google search

For example, if I go to Reddit and discover that many on the SEO subreddit are asking questions about backlinks, I notice that almost all of the backlink posts refer to a competitor.  So, I will make sure I include the words competition, competitor, and competing in my long-tail keywords.

Another search comes from my ongoing “dry eyes” blog.  Here is a step-by-step example of how I found a fantastic new keyword in Reddit that is not being utilized.

  1. I went to the subreddit r/dry eyes.
  2. I scanned the topics and found these interesting ones.  
  3. Some common keywords I found after scanning these three threads were eye drops, Clear Eyes, and baby shampoo.
  4. In addition, I have decided to add “red eyes” to my growing list of keywords because I saw the word red eyes in many of the subreddits I saw.
  5. If you keep seeing certain words or phrases in the subreddits, more than likely, these same users (and many other users no on Reddit) will be searching Google using these same words.
  6. Now, take these “gold nuggets” and create long tail keywords.

For those who are new to SEO, I will clarify two terms that may be confusing:  long tail keywords and organic searches.

Long tail keywords are keyword phrases, usually three or four words long, that are very specific to what a user is searching for on Google.  

Organic searches are when a user enters a string of text into a search engine.  The results are based on relevance to the text searched and does not include advertisements.

Long Tail Keywords Can Help Users Find Your Page

With the ever-increasing competition on Google for true organic clicks, it is vital to take a short tail keyword (one or two words), such as dry eyes, and turn it into a long tail keyword (three or four-word phrases) that specifically hit the market you are trying to attract.

Neil Patel, a New York Times best-selling author and one of the top 10 marketers according to Forbes, states, “Whenever a person types in a highly specific search phrase, they tend to be looking for exactly what they are actually going to buy.”

So, in my ongoing example, I would turn my short tail keyword “dry eyes” into a long-tail keyword by using the information I discovered on Reddit.  It would look something like this:

For example, instead of searching for “dry eyes” and seeing a page of ads,

I used an organic search text geared toward what I saw on Reddit and included one of my new long-tailed keywords.

The results were very interesting.  As you can see, there was not a page with an exact match.  In fact, after scrolling down, I did not see a single page that was an exact match.    

So, I now have my next blog:  5 Amazing Facts About Baby Shampoo for Dry Eye Relief

The last step is to assess my competition on the new title using Google.

Google Can Help You Find Untapped Gold

This simple tip allows you to assess your keyword competition.  At the Google homepage, type in allintitle:yourkeyword and look for the number of results.  The lower the number, the better.

In my previous example, I searched allintitle:Baby shampoo for dry eye relief and came up no pages using this long tail keyword!

The results simply astounded me!  I now know if I create a page with that exact long tail keyword, anyone searching for dry eye relief and baby shampoo will come to my page first.

Did you notice the last ad on the page?  Preservative Free Eye Drops | Clear Eyes Pure Relief

Clear Eyes” is one of the keywords I found on Reddit.  I will be sure to include that phrase in my blog.  

Using Reddit and Google together can help your business become noticed in a sea of internet pages.  

Not ready to jump out of the boat and into the water?  Not an SEO? Just interested in raising your company’s ranking in Google?  Not a problem!

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In my next article, I will delve into using old blog posts with a “facelift” format where adding, updating, and republishing can greatly increase webpage traffic.