SEO Hack: Using Adwords Ads to Boost Organic Clicks

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If we had a search engine optimization (SEO) superpower, it would be to read minds.  The ability to know what people are thinking would be so valuable when trying to find keywords to include in a title or description tag.  

Since we realize that the chances of gaining my dream superpower is around 0%, discovering a way to get the most organic clicks comes as a marvel in itself.

Also, what kind of brand searches they are making (a reason why reputation management is so important for businesses and professionals alike).

So, how can you find out what keywords will increase your organic traffic and, in turn, obtain a higher Google ranking?  Adwords ads.

How Adwords Ads Make Life Easier

The secret to this easy method is using what is already there.  The competitive keywords in the ads are the result of split tests.  Some of these split tests are conducted thousands of times saving you time and money in the process.  In addition, you can compare the copy of several Adwords ads, use them in your title or description tag, and drastically increase the number of clicks.

Let’s look at an example using the keyword “dry eyes.”

Reading over the copy, look for unique or interesting words that can be used in a title or description, such as:

Now, incorporate some of these into the title and description to create the perfect clickable lodestone.

In the above example, it may look something like this:

Title: Dry Eye Relief:  Preservative-Free Treatment for 24-Hour Relief

Description A preservative-free treatment option that provides 24-hour relief for dry eyes.

Including these proven “clickable” words in the meta tags, you can increase the number of organic clicks and the click-through-rate (CTR), thereby, increasing the overall Google ranking of any webpage.

Remember to not just blindly copy, but create a unique version that still encompasses what your business does or the services they provide. Find “trigger words” in the ads, and compare them to your personal experience with customers to craft your page titles and descriptions.

Simple, isn’t it?

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