The Important DON’Ts in Managing Your Online Reputation

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Customers’ purchasing decisions are heavily influenced by your reputation. In fact, online reviews influence 67.7% of purchasing decisions, and if negative reviews about your brand appear on the first page of search results, you may risk losing nearly 20% of your business. 

With so many options available online, a bad reputation could mean the difference between a sale and a loss. Buyers will avoid your company if it appears to be overly risky. 

You must safeguard your online reputation against threats such as poor reviews, negative feedback, and others. Here are the important online reputation pitfalls to avoid:

DON’T Ignore Your Reputation

While it may be daunting to read reviews about your own company, you must  keep an eye on your online reputation. This will help you prevent the situation from quickly getting out of hand. Even if people leave positive reviews or share positive posts about you on social media, they may not get the attention they want. 

DON’T Ignore the Online Community

In the online community, you will find complaints from consumers everywhere. Thus, it is critical to address them. You must also find a way to thank customers for their positive feedback and offer to make things right if necessary. 

Interacting with customers who have made public statements about your company will impact other customers. It conveys your concern for the buyer’s experience as well as your appreciation for their feedback. 

Moreover, ignoring inadequate responses will only exacerbate existing issues. When you respond to negative criticism or evaluations, always maintain a professional demeanor and courtesy. 

DON’T Forge Reviews

Avoid writing false reviews at all costs. It is a grave mistake to build them or to request that employees, friends, or family members do so. 

This is because being caught will harm your reputation more than a single negative review. An act such as this can make consumers question your brand’s legitimacy, especially if you have to cheat to improve it. So, build genuine trust with buyers and respond professionally to negative reviews. 

DON’T Stop Connecting

Social media has had a significant impact on the connections between businesses and consumers. On Facebook and Twitter, people will criticize, share happy experiences, and ask questions about various topics. It is an important step in the educational process of managing your online reputation. 

It is essential to maintain an active social media presence and communicate with customers. People expect prompt responses when they make a complaint or express gratitude for excellent service

Avoiding social media isn’t the best way to avoid obnoxious posts. People will continue to talk about you if you do not have a profile. 

DON’T Stop Being Human

Customers will develop a stronger bond with your company if you share your unique, personal side with them. Recognize your flaws and reveal your humanity, and sincerely explain to your customers the situation at hand and what you intend to do about it. 

You can obliterate accountability and leave buyers cold with a dull press statement. Prospects may be more receptive if they envision you as a group of human beings rather than a faceless corporation. 

DON’T Ignore the Content’s Influence 

Maintaining a positive reputation necessitates a strong content strategy. You can establish yourself as a credible brand with a lot to say if you publish great blogs and articles. Your company gains credibility, and you establish yourself as a thought leader, though this process may be easier in some areas than others. 


More than better content, it’s critical to appear professional in the online community. When managing your online reputation, create a safe and open environment where customers can feel that they can reach out to your company. When your content is noticed, shared, and reviewed, make sure you engage with users with a humane mindset. This will build trust and give you credibility as a company.

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