Top Inclusions of Website Management Services You Need Now

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When setting up your company’s and brand’s website on your own or through a web design company, what services, inclusions, and other information do you need to get the best bang for your buck? Here’s a list of the top inclusions any website project needs now!

Domain Name

The domain or domain name is what your customers first encounter before visiting the actual site. Any web design company worth its weight in salt must prioritize getting a catchy, catchy domain name for their clients. 

It’s the reason companies like Google, Facebook, and Instagram have simple domains such as,, or They capitalized on the uniqueness of the domain names.

Your brand’s or company’s name must already be or have been acquired before creating the actual website, especially if it’s catchy and unique. Having a united domain with your business name is an excellent way to build customer recall. That way, all they have to think of is the name and add a .com at the end to reach your website.

Website Hosting Plan

Once the web design company has bought the right domain name, their next step is to find the right hosting plan for you. The website hosting plan is essentially virtual real estate. You pick a provider that gives you various terms and inclusions to publish and host your website for all to see. 

The eight kinds of website hosting are:

Your provider should help you choose which hosting plan you need based on your specifications.

Site Design and Development

Your domain name and hosting plan are the primary building blocks of your website. Once those are secure, your web design company can proceed to the next step: designing your site! This is where the aesthetics and functionality come into play, such as fonts, font sizes, sidebars, color schemes, number of sections or pages, copy, photos, and other pertinent company or brand information.

Pro-tip: It is usually more effective and efficient cost- and time-wise to enlist a provider’s services since they offer a complete package for front-end and back-end solutions.

Security Management

Another inclusion you get from a web design company’s all-in-one services is security management. With cyberattacks drastically increasing since 2017, your site needs protection from phishing, hacks, and online impersonation.

Professional providers will include firewalls, backups, and other online security measures to protect your website from these threats and keep your business’s integrity secure.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO ensures your business’ website gets the most visibility from search engines, leading to more sales conversions. That means the following back-end services are up to par with industry standards:

On the front-end, a web design company must also offer you SEO content development for the site to rank in search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo! This maximizes both their back-end efforts and should be included in their package for maximized costs.

Analytics and Reporting

Do you know how many customers visit your website, where they spend the most and least time, and what times during the day they visit? Analytics and reporting show you relevant data so your business can adapt to your audience’s needs and interests.

The Bottom Line

A website is not just virtual real estate where your customers get to know you, your products, and your services. It is a potential marketing tool for online audiences to reach you and enlist what you offer for more business growth. With these top inclusions in your corporate website, your business can experience a rapid boom as you’ve never seen before.

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