Search Engine Marketing: Page One Ranking Secrets Revealed

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SEO Tips & Tricks to launch your website to a number 1 ranking on Google:  Learn SEO techniques, focus keyword optimization, and improving organic click-through-rate. This is part one of a multi-part series entitled “26 Proven SEO Techniques to Improve Search Performance in 2018”, digging deep into the most effective methods that dominate search engines.

Why Are Some Sites on Page 1 of Google?  

Do you ever wonder why some pages rank on page 1 of Google? Some websites rise to the top of search with ease. Others work diligently and remain stuck on page 2. 

Well, there is good news and bad news.  

The good news: You can always improve to reach Page 1. 

The bad news: There is not a “magic keystroke” that will orbit your page to the top.  It will take some time and effort to craft the perfect blend of content, search intent, user-friendliness, and technical SEO.

However, if you are willing to put in the time & effort, Google will reward you accordingly. First, you must start with foundational knowledge of Google & the search engine landscape.

The History of Google Ranking

Google implemented RankBrain as their latest advancement to their world-renowned search engine.  In the early era of Google (late 90’s and early 2000’s), there was significant competition:  Yahoo, WebCrawler, Lycos, and Dogpile, just to name a few. Yahoo, in particular, a top player at the time.

Nonetheless, Google dominates the search engines of today. Commonly known as “searching for something online” is 90% of the time a Google search. So how did Google come to be the dominant search engine and find its place in Webster’s dictionary?

Algorithms, Algorithms, and More Algorithms

It wasn’t all daisies and butterflies for the big G.

In the early days of Google, there were no algorithms. Hardly any structure. It was like the Old West of the internet with different companies vying for their piece of the pie.  

But, as more and more users came onto the net, the need for a more sophisticated way to search arose.  Those companies that adapted and made the search more pleasurable for users rose quickly. Those who didn’t dropped off. Honestly, how many times have you used Dogpile or Lycos to search anything recently?

So, what did Google do, exactly, to skyrocket to the top and dominate?  

Google’s First Steps to a Better Search Experience

Jayson DeMers, a Forbes contributor, gives us 8 Updates That Made Google What It Is Today.  Among these are:

So, why were these updates important to Google’s success? It provided consistency, stability, and structure to each search that a user performs. The results quality continually improved. Users caught on and it became more a part of their everyday lives. 

The Latest: RankBrain

RankBrain, Google’s latest algorithm addition based on Artifical Intelligence technology, intends to provide users with the highest quality search results, free from manipulation. 

The algorithm was the first one to measure user experience or “dwell time”.  A site may be perfect in terms of SEO factors, but if users quickly click off of a site, it is a signal to Google that the page should drop in rankings.

It also introduced Search Intent. RankBrain has the tools to “understand” the intent behind a phrase. SEOs can, and must, use this knowledge to their advantage for best results.

Using Algorithms to Your Advantage

Understanding the underlying themes of each algorithm can help your own website’s performance.

The users demand better, faster websites with quality information. Now, it’s on YOU to provide it to them!

The complexity of these concepts and how to apply them to a website makes it difficult for business owners to understand. If you ever need help on your digital marketing journey, feel free to contact us

We will do our best in our upcoming guides to provide you with the tools to reach #1.

What Can I Do to Improve My Website Ranking?

We all can improve our website rankings.  Most often times it’s something technical that the average business owner, and the average SEO, may overlook. Google is not an easy nut to crack.

The upcoming series of posts will help lay the foundation for your future success.

Our strategies are tried & true – meaning we are applying them right now with great success. 

Sit back, relax, and learn the foundation of how to get ranked high on search. 

Give page one a shot. We know you can do it!

What’s next?

Over the next few weeks, our several blog posts will cover topics such as RankBrain, Reddit, broken links, Wikipedia, authority sites, and other proven SEO techniques to improve overall Google ranking in 2018.

The first blog delves into Google’s RankBrain and why this algorithm is vital to understanding what searchers are really looking for when they use those keywords in their search.

Lastly, the final blog deals with anchor text and its importance in Google rankings.

Everything in between is information, techniques, and tips that will boost your site.

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