Factors That Can Damage Your Online Reputation and How to Fix Them

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Nowadays, businesses operate in the digital space, so there’s always the possibility that something can ruin their online reputation in one click. If you’re not careful, a damaging attack targeting your reputation can hurt your brand image, hinder your growth, and ruin your chances of profitability. You don’t want to waste your customer’s trust in your brand and eliminate your potential revenues.

It’s better to be prepared than regret things in the end. As early as now, you should familiarize yourself with possible damages to your reputation and what you can do if any of these things happen.

Bad Website Experience

Digital consumers value website experience a lot. If your site has poor web design, it can immediately ruin your credibility and drive a potential customer away. For instance, dead links, misleading web content, or buttons that don’t work are things that can waste your customer’s time and effort. Don’t let this be a problem for your company.

At the onset, you should have professionals handle your website design and hire experienced content writers to manage your copy for you. If that ship has sailed and you’ve noticed many issues, have your online reputation management team link you with digital marketing experts that can continue optimizing your website.

Negative Product Reviews

Most online users won’t consider buying from your brand if your average ratings are lower than four stars. Aside from that, many consumers prefer to read negative reviews to see what’s wrong with the product or service provided.

If your business does suffer from some negative reviews, you should plan how to turn this around. Go through the feedback of your customers and find out why they are unhappy with your service. Try to contact your customers, seek input from them, and use their experience to improve.

Yes, you cannot please everybody, but your customers can see your efforts in providing them with excellent service and elevated experience. Furthermore, working with reputation repair companies will get you access to positive review generation solutions that can help you achieve more favorable reviews.

Failing to Keep Promises

For customers, there’s nothing worse than being promised something and failing to receive them. These things can be the biggest turnoff for buyers, and it can be difficult to reverse their opinion at this point. 

To avoid experiencing problems like this, do not advertise false promises if you know that your brand cannot deliver them. For example, don’t assure people your products contain all organic ingredients if they include artificial components. Don’t offer a money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers if you don’t have the means to give them that all the time. Inconsistency is a significant problem that can ruin your reputation, and you don’t want that.

Bad Publicity

Numerous things can bring your company to a PR nightmare—unsatisfied employees, customer data breaches, controversial marketing campaigns, or unlawful activities by people related to your brand are some of them.

Unfortunately, when a significant PR crisis unfolds, it can take years to restore the company’s ruined reputation. You must approach repairs for similar situations very carefully. As much as possible, it’s better to have experienced and well-equipped experts initiate online reputation repair.

Final Thoughts

Various factors can hit your reputation negatively, especially with how fast things can travel online. However, every situation requires a specific approach, so you have to consult with experts to repair your reputation the right way.

If your business needs help, Internet Zone I is here for you. We offer personal online reputation management and business reputation services so you can recover from negative hits and work on improving your products and services. Claim your free reputation analysis today to start.