Google Discover and Your Company’s Online Presence: Our Guide

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Many users utilize their mobile devices to access the Internet, which can cause spikes of mobile traffic to websites. But aside from the growing number of mobile Internet users, Google Discover plays a significant role in pulling in mobile traffic. Unfortunately, many business owners and marketers are unfamiliar with it and how it can be leveraged to achieve business goals. Learn more about how you can take advantage of it to harness untapped site traffic by reading the information below.

What Is Google Discover?

Google Discover is a feature of Google’s application software. It works by suggesting interesting new stories, sports scores, and other content to users without having to search for it based on their previous Google searches on your mobile device. Since it relies on learning your interests, the platform understands you better to improve user experience (UX) the more you use the software.

What Are the Ways to Optimize Content for Google Discover Feed?

Seeking SEO content writing services to craft engaging written content can help you promote your products and services. However, you have to take advantage of visual content’s benefits. Google Discover focuses more on visuals, particularly videos. By using high-quality photos, videos, and other visual materials, you can boost your chances of attracting more viewers, amplifying your campaign to appear on the feed, becoming viral, and getting shared by users across different platforms. 

According to the marketing statistics for 2020 compiled by HubSpot, 87 percent of video content marketers experienced an increase in web traffic because of videos, while 80 percent said that videos helped them increase their sales. Because of this, make sure to incorporate videos into your content and book video creation services. Your photos should be at least 1,200 px wide when you add them to the platform.

Google Discover uses a unique algorithm to pick optimized content to show your target users. It focuses on quality content that offers value to readers and boosts user experience. Therefore, you have to invest in your content creation strategy to ensure your blog content’s quality.

Writing articles and blog posts may seem simple and easy enough, but it takes a lot of time to produce them regularly. Free up your schedule and let professional writers handle this task by seeking content writing services. Doing this ensures optimized written content that generates optimal results and increases your chances of letting it show up on your Google Discover feed.

Use social media to build your credibility by encouraging people to share, like, and comment on your posts. By increasing the number of users who engage with your content, you will generate social signals that boost your popularity and content rate. As a result, Google will consider your content as trustworthy, which will improve your likelihood of appearing on Google Discover feed.


Leveraging targeted traffic from Google Discover and optimizing your content for its feed can help you meet your business goals faster and more effectively. By keeping the information mentioned above in mind and making the most of your content, you can bring an influx of traffic to your website, attract more audience, and generate higher revenue. 

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