Launching a New Website: Tips to Avoid a Lower Ranking

launching a new website


Launching an updated version of a website to replace an old one is a huge step for any business. However, you might worry that you might have to start all over again and lose your current ranking in the search engine results. Here are some of the things that you can do to preserve your ranking in search results:

Check Your Current SEO Ranking

Before removing your old website or before launching your new website, you must collect all your old website’s SEO data. Through this, you can compare the performance of the new website to the old website’s performance. You’ll see how your current website is doing amidst all the changes you made.

Check your SEO ranking on both your old and new website, and understand your keywords’ rankings and your page’s individual ranking. 

Set Up Website Performance Metrics

Another way to check your new website’s performance is to gather the important data. That way, you can see if your current website is performing better or worse than the old one.

Track how many visitors come from search engines; check which keywords from your website are ranking; see how many pages the visitors check every visit. This data will serve as a basis for the development and improvement of your new website.

Post the Same Content

After you have gathered your data, you should repost the same content. Make sure to continue posting all of the content that has received a lot of attention and views. As much as possible, be consistent with your website, and keep all of the content that people are interested in.

You can change up and improve your content to meet current SEO standards, but make sure to maintain the essence. As much as you can, try gathering a wider audience with your content. 

Have Someone Test Your Website

Mistakes or issues can be hard to notice if you’re already familiar with the whole structure of the website. Get someone who wasn’t part of the website construction process to test and explore your website. 

Having someone test your website meant that you would have more chances of improving your website and launching without bugs. You will find all of the shortcomings of your website, and you’ll know whether your site is relatable to the people visiting it. You’ll also find out if your website works on any device.

Make Sure to Include the SEO

Having a new website means new pages, images, and designs. Don’t forget to include useful keywords, descriptions, and title tags on each page of your site for SEO. Header tags are also helpful to understand the content structure of your page and what your page is all about.

With updates in modern technology, images now have the Alt text option. Make sure to add the appropriate information so that your content will show up more on search engines.

Ending Remarks

Starting a new website is a huge step for your business. You don’t want to lose the progress you made with the old website, so make sure that everything is working. It’s essential to pay attention to the data, make considerations for the users, and give importance to SEO.

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