Does Your Web Design Match Your Business Type

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Thanks to advanced web design tools, we have hundreds of web layouts, color palettes, and font styles at our fingertips. We can choose from a monochromatic look, a pop art style, or a simple but elegant all-white design. 

While all these are exciting when you’re building a website, if you’re not doing this for your blog but your business, then you should consider when to draw the line.

Web Design is Branding

Finance-focused websites usually sport a black-and-white web design, but the common theme is that they generally use two to three colors. On the other hand, pop culture-focused websites like online magazines and fashion sites use various colors and quirky shapes because it fits their branding and speaks to their consumers.

With those said, web design usually entails specific formulas that business types must adhere to. Your web design is part of your branding, so if you failed to incorporate that with your business type, you’re not properly communicating with your customers. 

To make it easier for you, we’ve created a guide to the best web design for three different business types

Even local retailers must have a good presence online; it allows them to stay connected to their customers and scout for new ones. Since local retailers usually do their business in person, their websites can focus on the shared interest between the business and the customers. It can be a brochure type where there is limited but good content

Your website’s goal is to create a significant impact in a short time, such as providing easy-to-access information. You can include visually appealing photographs, especially if your business is about bakeries, pet needs, and car repair.

Websites for financial institutions and car manufacturers, for example, must provide high user involvement. Since not everyone is familiar with the products and services, their web designs should be simplistic but loaded with information. Their websites’ main goal is to inform visitors of every aspect of their product thoroughly. 

Using a magazine-style web design lets large enterprises incorporate infographics, videos, photos, and blog posts to better elaborate on their selling. In addition, a magazine-style design gives more freedom than the brochure type. 

Retailers whose website is basically their office must use an e-commerce style, which showcases a broad range of products. However, this is not an easy feat due to the large amount of data and information on the website. Also, e-commerce sites require multiple functional elements that improve user experience and massive data storage. 

For online businesses, it is better to partner with a company that offers web development services that build and maintain e-commerce websites. That way, as a business owner, you no longer need to worry about whether your website is performing without crashing or without any delay. 

Final Thoughts

Using the right web design for your particular business is also a form of expressing your narrative and vision. Every business has a story that it shares with its audience, so properly communicating this is essential in branding and in making it successful.

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