Blogging Essentials: 3 Useful Tricks to Improve Your SEO



Blogs are no longer just thought pieces for people to journal their thoughts. Business blogging has a significant impact on making your brand more noticeable by online users and search engine web crawlers. Unfortunately, some business owners are unaware of how they can maximize their blogging efforts’ potential.

SEO for Businesses

There’s more to online visibility than just being recognizable through online platforms. You need to establish your brand as an authentic, credible, and reliable service provider by displaying your industry experience and engaging with your audience. Many businesses achieve this by utilizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to reinforce their blog’s impact on online users and AI algorithms. By getting the right kind of online visibility, you can curate a positive brand image to increase your customer conversions.

If you want to increase your SEO through blogging, here are three tricks you should learn:

1. Know how to utilize your keywords

A major component of SEO is keyword research since the results from this pre-planning method contribute to other SEO strategies’ success. This is why you need to invest in digital tools to sift and filter the right keywords you should use for your business. Use tools such as Google Adwords Keyword Tool and to find related keywords on your content while simultaneously seeing what term your competitors use.

With your list of high-traffic keywords on hand, you should know how to perform the right keyword placement to create your blogs SEO-friendly. Try to insert these terms as much as possible in Titles, headings, introductory paragraphs, and your anchor text. Be wary of overloading your blogs with too many of the same terms since it can negatively impact your SEO due to keyword stuffing. Pace yourself and remember to curate your blogs for both AI algorithms and online users’ benefit.

2. Reinforce credibility through link building

Besides targeting specific keywords to increase online visibility, your blog will also appear more authentic if you use facts and figures. You will look more credible if you can back up your claims with authority pages, such as news articles or official pages related to your industry. It’s an excellent way to increase your page’s ranking in search engine results pages. Remember to avoid getting and linking your sources to competitor websites since it can unintentionally boost their pages’ SEO rank instead.

3. Expand your reach by diverting traffic from multiple sources

Small business owners have the advantage of leveraging several marketing channels online without spending a single dime. Social media platforms are excellent places to build awareness of your brand while gaining subscribers and followers. To increase your blog landing pages’ visibility, you can easily share your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter profiles to reach a larger audience. Utilizing hashtags and posting in online communities is sure to give more exposure to your blogs, allowing our SEO rank to rise significantly.


Dealing with modern customers and algorithms requires you to always be updated on the most effective strategies that will benefit your brand. Since the digital marketing landscape is ever changing, you must deliver a similar or equal level of output equal or greater than your competitors. By outsourcing your marketing efforts to a digital agency, you’ll have more opportunities to expand your reach while applying the latest best practices to your SEO.

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