Here’s How You Can Manage Your Online Reputation

reputation mgmt


Managing a reputation can be tricky, especially since it’s such a delicate matter. Once a reputation is ruined, it can be difficult to rebuild the credibility and trustworthiness attached to the person or organization who possessed it. Managing your brand’s reputation online can be even more difficult since internet users can hop on social media and criticize you for every little thing! Fortunately, there are several ways to manage your online reputation and leave a good impression on anybody searching for your products or services. Here are some ways you can effectively manage your online reputation with the help of online reputation services.

Track Your Social Activity

With Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram being the three well-known giants of the social media world, it only makes sense that you would monitor your social activity on these platforms. Apart from these three popular ones, conduct regular searches on your brand name across all other platforms to take the temperature of your audience’s opinion on you. You can gain customer insights and respond to any issues directly. Make sure to do this across all relevant platforms; do not single out the ones where you have the biggest presence.

Transparency is Key

Transparency is one of the biggest aspects of your business that business reputation management companies will try to get just right. It’s in your best interest not to cover up any truth that has already been brought out into the open, especially if the mistake was on your end. However, make sure the way you practice honest communication and marketing on your social media is done strategically. This includes admitting your mistake and making a commitment to change something to address it. Don’t sweep negative comments under the rug. Instead, reply to them directly. Remember that millions of eyes watch how your brand responds to positive events, but it can also turn its head once you slip up. Be ready with your communication plan if this happens. 

Really Know Your Audience

Managing your online presence well starts with understanding what your audience needs and why they ought to find you valuable. Build your presence online around addressing what they want, and let your brand communicate with them in a way that they will resonate with. Cultivating your brand’s online reputation can do wonders for your conversion rates and the growing positive sentiment people have of your brand. When you’ve gotten to know your audience, don’t be afraid to reach out to them! Customers love the interaction with brands that matter to them most. 

Ask Your Customers for Reviews

Business reputation services will often help you with ways to collect reviews from your customers early in the buying cycle. Businesses with larger customer bases can release email marketing campaigns to ask customers for reviews and feedback on products, services, or overall experiences. Many people are happy to leave feedback, especially if they have strong feelings about your brand, whether positive or negative. 

You should be collecting reviews on different platforms and your website since potential customers will base their decision to engage with you on what they see. If an overwhelming majority of your current customers leave 4 to 5-star reviews, then there are greater chances of attracting new customers. Reviews on Google or Yelp will also reinforce the legitimacy of your brand. 


Building an online image and kicking up your reputation may not be your priority, especially if you believe your products and services will speak for themselves. However, the truth is that internet users will base their judgment on the first impression they get from a brand. Searching for a business on Google to come up with hardly any reviews or engagements with customers will make a customer think twice. 

Chances are, they’ll turn to your competitors who have a stronger online presence. By managing your online reputation, you might just give your business the boost it needs!

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