Top 4 Costly SEM Mistakes and How You Can Avoid Them

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Marketing a business is often a long and treacherous road filled with many challenges. Search engine marketing (SEM) mistakes, in particular, are far too common, with many businesses and organizations falling victim to them. As the digital landscape becomes more competitive each day, avoiding these SEM mistakes is all the more important. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common SEM mistakes businesses and online marketing agencies commit, along with some tips to avoid them.

1. Structuring Your Account Incorrectly

Perhaps the most prevalent mistake that businesses commit is structuring their accounts incorrectly from the very beginning. This is a huge deal as it will affect the entirety of the campaign, often resulting in a complete and utter failure even before it started. 

The thing is, there’s no ideal way to structure an account. It all depends on your goals, your needs, and what resources are available to you. There are actually many different ways to build your account structure, and you need to choose the right one if you want to maximize your returns. This can be tricky for many businesses, especially if you’re still inexperienced in this department. The best way to avoid committing this mistake is to hire a digital marketing company or any other expert that can run your paid search campaigns for you.

2. Overlooking Default Campaign Settings

When you initiate a new campaign, you have the liberty to adjust its settings as you see fit, as long as you don’t deviate from the structure and plan established in the first place. This gives you more control over how you can achieve your goals. The problem is, some default Google Ads, which are quite crucial to make your campaign work, are often overlooked. This is a common mistake by many organizations as it’s a seemingly minor detail but is vital for any campaign.

The only way to avoid committing this mistake is to review certain Google ads settings for every campaign. An example is reviewing which network will show your ads. It’s also important to set the right geographic locations where you want your ads to show.

3. Excluding SEO in Your SEM Campaign

If you really want to make your SEM campaign effective, you should avoid making the mistake of excluding any SEO strategies along with it. SEO can play a huge role in your campaign and elevate it in many ways. If you’re only doing SEM campaigns for, let’s say, the quick volume, you risk losing out on the long-term traffic that only SEO can bring about. Contrary to popular belief, you actually spend a lot less time and money on your campaign if you utilize SEO properly with it.

4. Losing Control of Your Ad Spend

Spending money on an SEM campaign is all part of the process. Problems start to arise when you leave your campaigns operating on autopilot without monitoring them. You basically risk losing control of your budget and end up spending way too much money than you wanted to. Unless you have an unlimited budget, leaving your campaign on autopilot can hurt your business instead of you benefiting from the campaign. Remember, you can constantly adjust your ad spending. In fact, it’s better to set a daily budget for your ads and track just how much you spend each day.


SEM is a fast-paced industry where mistakes are bound to happen even for those who are already used to it. That’s why managing an SEM campaign requires a lot of control and discipline if you want to ensure its success. Try to avoid the mistakes listed here, so you don’t suffer the consequences.

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