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Can I ‘Remove’ My Name From Google?

We’ve all made missteps in our lives, and sometimes those missteps wind up on the Web. The embarrassing college photos, the unfortunate arrest, the business mistake – each of these lapses in judgment can live for years on the Internet and continue to haunt us. 

With the clear importance of having a strong online reputation in 2020, a common question we hear is: “Is it possible to remove my name from Google search?”

Let’s dive in.

So, Can I Remove My Name from Search Engines?

Unfortunately, the answer is “no, you cannot remove your name from Google.”

There may be a small opportunity to remove specific content and websites from the web (despite the flaws of content removal). However, you cannot literally wipe your name from the results.

Google will ALWAYS try to show some sort of result related to your name/business.

Don’t give up hope, however; there are great strategies we can use to suppress negative search listings, helping you to restore your hard-earned online reputation. Read on for tips. 

Legal Remedies

In certain circumstances, such as in cases where someone posts slanderous and untrue information about you on the Web, you may have specific legal remedies.

Here, asking the offending website to take down the information can sometimes do the trick; in other cases, a legal request or takedown notice may be required.

A website is not required to remove embarrassing information about you unless legally required to do so, but asking nicely can often result in positive outcomes. And, once the information has been removed, the search engines can no longer index the offending pages.

Removing Name, Address, Phone Numbers and Family Information

Public directories are responsive to removing negative information. Say, for example, that your public profile on a directory like Zoominfo has the information you do not wish to share with others. You may be able to contact the directory’s managers and either have them remove the information, or you may claim the page itself to make your own changes.

Google may also respond to casual takedown requests. Suspicious negative content, such as fake reviews or shady blog posts, should raise red flags with Google’s indexing algorithm. Google itself can be contacted with a request to remove negative search results that are damaging your online reputation. Takedown requests do not always work, however, so there is another method to restoring your reputation.

Reputation Management and Brand-Building Campaigns

The other method is Online Reputation Management (ORM) content suppression campaigns in the form of a positive content blitz.

Businesses often rely on the Web to connect with customers. Their online reputations are critical for continued growth. Celebrities and public figures also depend on positive reputations; a disgruntled former employee, an angry customer, or someone with a grudge can easily ruin an online reputation with a few keystrokes.

What can you do in these situations? It’s time to call in professional help. Online Reputation Management (RM for short) is the principle of restoring damaged reputations using proven content development strategies.

Say, for example, that negative press coverage of your business shows up in the top results when customers do a Google search for your business name. Reputation management strategies combat that by flooding the Internet with fresh, relevant, and positive content.

A reputation strategy can be to rank videos, press releases, web articles, and blog posts, just to name a few. The way this works is that Google and the other search engines index the fresh content, helping to push down any negative search results. In a matter of days or weeks, the negative listings may no longer be on the first page of a given search.

Final Words on ‘Name Removals’ & Your Online Reputation

It can be frustrating to learn that your online reputation has been damaged. Bad reviews or unflattering press can work to drive customers toward your competitors, eating into your revenue streams. Recovering a damaged reputation is the key to retaining customers and attracting new ones. While there are several methods of restoring a damaged reputation, working with experienced online reputation management professional is the ideal solution. With time-honored techniques and old-fashioned hard work, these professionals can put your business back into the positive frame that helps you grow.

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