4 Google My Business Features to Maximize in Your Campaigns


Google My Business is one of the best tools for building your online presence and maximizing your content on the internet. Created by tech giant Google themselves, this tool has a lot of features that will help you improve your online platform and boost audience engagement.

If you want to learn how to use these tools for the better, here are some of the features that you need to get to know. When used correctly, you will be optimizing content online in no time at all.

1. Reviews

Getting good Google reviews not only makes you seem more credible but heightens your SEO score through organic rankings. When you have more reviews on Google My Business, that only means you manage to stay relevant to your audience.

However, accumulating reviews is only one part of the process. While it’s good to have a ton of positive reviews, viewers are more likely to interact with you if they find that you are responsive to feedback. If you present yourself in a way that takes customer feedback into account, then they will more likely keep coming back.

2. Categories

Categories is another useful feature because it helps build your SEO. With Categories, you will appear on Google search results for the right customers, thinking you are the answer to their queries. Not to mention, it helps Google direct you to your target audience.

Google My Business has about 4,000 categories in its arsenal. By helping Google finetune your content to appear in front of the right people, you can choose from many specific categories. 

It is important to note, however, that you need only one primary category to describe your business. From there, you can add eight more categories so that you show up on specific search results.

3. Google Posts

Google Posts are a nifty Google My Business feature that allows you to create status-like messages that will appear alongside your brand name when people search for it. Although it can be hard to master, they definitely come in handy for specific use cases.

For instance, if you want to announce company updates, promote any upcoming events or new launches, or even present offers and discounts. It operates almost like a social media post, but in this case, it will help your search engine rankings.

This feature might have a bit of a learning curve, but once you get past it, you can maximize its uses for your digital marketing campaigns.

4. Q&A

Another useful feature of Google My Business is the Q&A section. This section can easily be intervened with by trolls, and it is hard to remove any troll comments, especially if they don’t technically violate any of Google’s community guidelines. 

Make sure you completely fill out the Q&A section so that you avoid this. All the same, Q&A sections are helpful for letting your customers know more about your brand and what you have to offer. As long as you respond to those asking legitimate questions, you should be fine.


Maximizing Google My Business features will help your brand create more engagement on the web. Google My Business has a ton of features specifically made to help you cultivate your online presence. 

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