Essential Ecommerce Feature Analysis: Online Shopping Carts

online shopping


The virtual cart has been a standard feature in many online stores and websites for a while now. Besides recreating the feeling of browsing through aisles in a regular store, the cart has plenty of advantages for eCommerce websites. For one, it makes things a lot more convenient for both you and your customers. In this article, we will conduct an in-depth analysis of why and how eCommerce has evolved to accommodate user needs through this feature.

Why Online Shopping Carts Create Better User Experience

Let’s look at the alternatives to placing orders in an online store:

Contact Forms 

This process is inconvenient and less direct. Listing down the items they want and sending an email can be pretty tedious work for the customer. It could also be challenging to track when you receive email after email.

Calling to Order

Some customers are not comfortable talking to someone on the phone just to make an order. After all, things can get lost in translation. More than that, not many people actually own a landline anymore.

The online cart made this obsolete by creating a smoother experience. 

Benefits of Online Shopping Carts 

Helps the “Undecided” Make a Choice

The shopping cart is a bridge between making a choice now or later. Without it, people can just go to your website, take a look around, and leave. With the cart, they can add items to it and check out later. When you give them something to make their experience convenient, the more likely they are to buy.

Keeps Order Tracking at Bay

The cart does more than just benefit your customers. It also helps you keep track of the items ordered, what discounts were used, what sells the fastest, and what products cause the most indecision. Knowing these things can help with inventory management and help you craft better marketing strategies.

Adds Credibility

You can’t really call your website an online shopping store without an online shopping cart. Since this has become the norm for many eCommerce platforms, not having one will cast doubt on your legitimacy as a store. 

Helps Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

When people search for specific keywords that involve buying something, Google creates a snippet of items on the homepage from eCommerce websites that offer what they’re looking for. When you have a cart, Google will consider putting your snippet for that keyword, which is excellent for business.


As mentioned previously, it is a hassle to list everything down manually and proceed to checkout to order. The cart lets you put all the things you want from the store and make it much easier to order them all at the same time. 


Creating a smooth and manageable online shopping experience for your customers is one of your biggest priorities as an eCommerce website owner. Customer experience is crucial to attracting potential customers and having them return. Simple features like an online shopping cart can make all the difference. It’s paying attention to details that can get you far in any industry.

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