Significant Factors Any Digital Marketing Strategy Needs

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Building an effective marketing strategy that’s also profitable, as most professionals will tell you, is a job that’s easier said than done.

With the internet becoming increasingly important for customers of all kinds, businesses must dedicate much more time, money, and effort to cultivating their presence online. However, putting a capable and effective strategy together often proves to be difficult because of the amount of information and verification involved.

If you’ve been shifting your focus towards building your digital marketing strategy lately, the chances are that research, planning, and testing are currently on your agenda. Admittedly, it can seem like putting an effective plan together will require knowledge of all sorts of different concepts, principles, and practices, which already sounds like a lot.

But here’s something you need to know: it doesn’t necessarily take years to understand what your digital marketing strategy needs—in fact, there are only three key elements you need to build a successful approach. 

A Rundown of Factors Your Digital Marketing Strategy Needs

It may sound rather idealistic or ludicrous at first, but the reality of a digital marketing strategy being simplistic in terms of what it needs to be successful is a lot more than mere idealism. When you look at the most successful examples of digital marketing strategies in further detail, you’ll quickly learn that the number of critical elements is indeed minimal. 

To give you a better idea of what you’ll need to leverage to help your digital marketing approach attract new leads, more sales, and exponential growth, let’s look at the key factors you should be tinkering with: 

A Well-Defined Customer Journey

A clearly defined customer journey is one of the essential parts of a digital marketing strategy that you have to use for a strong competitive advantage.

It may not seem like much at first, but having this crucial component locked in will allow you to avoid the trap of creating marketing assets completely “because you should.” When you put it together, you must define your customer journey well by including the following stages (all of which you’ll need to create the right content around): 

An Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

Think about it: would you be able to build the right digital marketing strategy with all the correct measures in place if you don’t know anything about who you’re creating it for? Probably not. 

Thanks to the abundance of tools and solutions online that anyone and everyone can use at their disposal, it is far easier to build profiles that shed light on your target market. If you want to ensure that you have as much demographic data as possible to inform your decisions and overall strategy best, here’s a quick rundown of what your ICP should have: 

Someone to Help You Execute It All

Admittedly, building a digital marketing strategy that is guaranteed to work over and over again can be a task that’s easy to plan for but quite difficult to execute. Considering the sheer amount of design, creation, and strategizing involved in the project, you most likely won’t have the time to pull it all off. 

For example, enlisting an expert like Internet Zone I will allow you to develop the SEO or SEM side of your digital marketing strategy without you needing to be so hands-on! 


Although digital marketing is never an easy task because of all the details involved, focusing on the right factors when building your strategy can help immensely with netting you the right results. By keeping an eye out for the three elements mentioned above, you can best ensure that your efforts will pay off in no time! 

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