Getting on Everyone’s Good Side, The Online Marketing Way

online marketing


You might be one of the countless people here on earth who owns your own business. There’s nothing unusual about that, as you’d normally run your business the same way that other people are running their own. 

Now, the only difference-maker when it comes to businesses is the level of success that each individual venture has! Your business may be more successful than others, and if you happen to find yourself within the unlucky part of the spectrum, it may be the other way around. Nonetheless, you may find that the amount of money you make on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis could be used as a pure indicator of your success.

“I’m not making much. Where did I go wrong?”


There are a lot of things that may affect the efficiency of your business model—and the most suspect of which would be your marketing strategy and online presence. Some business owners would make the fatal mistake of not investing in the promotion of their products and services, relying solely on word of mouth to get by. This mistake of overlooking the marketing process would be detrimental to their overall efforts. No matter how hardworking a business owner is, no customer would ever give them a call if these potential customers aren’t even aware of their brand and company!

“What can I do to promote my business further?”


Online marketing is your friend. There used to be a time when TV commercials, billboards, and newspaper ads were the only bridge between businesses and their target markets. Nowadays, online ads are racking up the numbers, leaving traditional marketing and advertisements significantly behind.

“What are the most efficient ways to promote my business online?”


There are actually a lot to mention, but some of the most notable ones include blogging, YouTube ads, social media interactions through your brand’s verified account, press releases, and even forum banners.

“Aside from these, is there something else I should look out for?”


All of the online marketing efforts mentioned above will amount to nothing if your business doesn’t have a good reputation. Believe it or not, there is such a thing as online reputation management.

A Primer on Online Reputation Management


The simplest way to know what online reputation management is, is by knowing its main function first. 

Basically, it is all about managing the perception of your intended target market towards your brand and its offered products and services. It’s all about controlling what your potential customers will see, not just through the ads, but through the online reviews as well. 

Remember, the keyword here would be ‘reputation,’ so if your brand is recognized as having a great number of products and services offered at any given time, you can bet that word will spread like wildfire, and more and more customers would come knocking at your door.


“How is this accomplished?”


Online reputation management isn’t an easy task, but there are some companies who are experts in this field, hence, why they have some of the most prominent brands as their regular patrons. 


Online reputation management can be done in many different ways, but the most common example would be through PR strategies and engagements with recent and potential future customers. A great example would be your local internet provider and their social media page. If a recent customer were to commend the fast internet speed, the brand would reply with a message expressing their sense of gratitude. If another customer were to complain about the slow internet speed, the brand would reply with a message of apology and inquiry regarding the details of their concern. And lastly, if a potential customer were to inquire about the local provider’s offered subscriptions, the brand would present a detailed message about their promos and prices!


It is more of a give and take, with online reputation managers making the most of the target market’s good reviews while also keeping the bad ones on an all-time low.




Indeed, online reputation management may be considered a very effective tool in maintaining your business’ overall reputation. While it may not be a well-known way to promote your brand, it is an efficient one that may give your venture that well-needed edge over your competitors. 


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