Top 3 Reasons Why Reviews Affect Customer Experience

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Businesses succeed because of positive responses from their target market. However, when their customers have something less than remarkable to say, it could negatively impact other people’s perception of the company. In order to thrive in this competitive environment, businesses must keep an open mind and listen to the feedback given to them.

What a customer has to say influences your reputation and affects the choices of people who would want to do business with you. Studies show that 97 percent of online consumers rely on customer reviews before they decide to buy something. Additionally, 92 percent are reluctant to buy a product if there are no existing reviews about it.

Nowadays, customer experience plays a crucial role in the conception of marketing strategies. Some businesses that have seen the impact of listening to feedback have even invested in online reputation services to satisfy their customers. 

To understand how much ratings and reviews can affect your business, we have compiled some reasons why they are essential to your success.

1. Reviews Can Affect Your Visibility Online

According to Google, positive ratings and reviews from customers increase the chance of becoming visible to your target market. Since customer perception affects search engine results, it pays to observe correct search engine optimization (SEO) practices and make your Google My Business listings accurate and optimized. Otherwise, you will lose the trust of your customers and potentially receive negative feedback from them.

2. Ratings Affect Whether Potential Customers Will Choose You

In this digital era, it has become possible for consumers to be smarter about their purchases online. People don’t want their money to go to waste, so they rely heavily on what others say about a specific company’s products and services. For the most part, customers will overlook any business with less than 4-star ratings since they do not think their quality is up to par.

It isn’t easy to undo the feedback given by customers online. That is why it pays to listen to their reviews and modify your marketing plans accordingly. Pay attention to how their experience with you has been. If there is any room for improvement, implement actions that will help address any issues that have been mentioned in the reviews. Your customers will surely appreciate being heard.

3. Listening to Feedback Can Improve Customer Experience

As mentioned before, it is critical to listen to customer feedback so your business can improve. However, not all companies relay this crucial information to the marketing teams in charge of campaign plans. The customer experience team and marketing team need to work closely together for your business to thrive based on customer reviews.

Applying what you have learned from customer reviews can drastically improve how your company approaches them. In time, this will also result in an overall change in your reputation online. It will also help encourage prospective customers to try out what you have to offer.

Final Thoughts

A wise company recognizes the importance of listening to reviews and ratings of customers. Those who utilize the information gathered are more likely to receive positive reviews in time and be chosen consistently. If your team is unsure of how to proceed from this point, it would be best to consult a company that specializes in Google reputation services.

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