Different Reasons Your Website May Not Be Ranking

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For every business owner, one of the most fulfilling things they may accomplish for their venture would be getting the highest rank on the online search results. It may seem trivial until you realize that such a great result attracts your target audience and generates leads.

It is common knowledge by now that web pages are essential tools for a business to gather more customers, but that will all amount to nothing if no one is even visiting their site.

Indeed, a brand’s online page is essential for the business; that is why many industries are doing everything they can to rank their site higher. However, there may come a time when the results may plateau, meaning that the rankings would remain the same despite their best efforts.

You may ask, “What went wrong?” “How come it didn’t go up as expected?” If you want these questions answered, look no further than the reasons below. Exploring these reasons may help you understand what went wrong, allowing you to fix them and succeed: 

1) The Website Is Not Optimized for Mobile Phones

Gone are the days of people logging in to their desktop computers just to visit their favorite sites. Nowadays, smartphone users have taken over the internet, much so that the significance of mobile apps is more in-demand than desktop computer software. If that’s the case, you must make sure that your web page is properly optimized to be accessed by mobile users as well.

This may seem like a minor concern, but note that unoptimized pages often appear cropped and incomplete on mobile devices. Ignore this crucial detail, and you will lose a lot of traffic. Invest in the proper adjustments and see your online visitors increase in no time.

2) The Website’s Content Is Data-Heavy

If you were to receive feedback that your website is slow, you might just shrug it off. After all, your office has one of the fastest internet in the country, so even getting such a comment is close to laughable. However, the person who provided that feedback may have a point. 

Your website loading speed isn’t just about your internet connection, and neither does it always have something to do with the target market’s net speed. There are times when your page’s graphics and content are too data-heavy that it takes a long time for them to all appear on the screen simultaneously. 

Do not make the crucial mistake of blaming your target audience’s internet speed. Instead, take time to optimize and compress the file size of your site’s content so that they would all load faster. This will be appreciated by all your page visitors, causing it to rank higher in time.

3) The Website Is Not Making the Most of Your Brand’s Relevant Keywords

Don’t just rely on the blog and video content—you must also utilize keywords well. If the search engine measures the efficiency of your keywords, it will allow your site to rank higher on the results. 

Make sure that every one of your relevant terms is being used and that they are all placed naturally. Otherwise, they would all just be treated as another form of spam, and you will be penalized by the search engine company.


If ever your website is not ranking, don’t worry! Every brand and company go through the same problem. The good news is that there are always solutions to this type of problem

Optimizing your site for mobile phones, compressing the data-heavy content, and using all the keywords wisely may just help boost your site’s visibility and rankings. Follow all of these tips to your advantage and see your page get all the organic traffic that it deserves over time.

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